Making a Gaming Video

Making a gaming video for YouTube is easier than ever before with new software that has been developed for DV. That is why there are so many of these videos showing up on YouTube now. The most popular casino games that are being recorded are sessions of Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim.

World of Warcraft YouTube gaming videos are still very popular. Guilds that want to show off the loot they get from their high level raids are often recorded by different members of the guild and then put together into one longer, multi-perspective video. These YouTube videos are well liked because it helps other guilds to defeat high level bosses using tactics and techniques they may not have thought of previously.

Some are using screen captures straight from their PC while others are recording using their webcams or smartphones. Using Android or iPhone makes it very simple to record the video and then upload it straight to YouTube. This has become a very popular method as it requires very little know how and it often only takes two clicks to perform. However, the audio quality for a video recorded using a smartphone is not as high quality as those made by more professional equipment.

YouTube videos for games are also great gaming guides. One of the best ways to use YouTube gaming videos is to show a walkthrough of the hardest levels that other players might have trouble getting through on their own. These videos often get a lot of views because of the difficulty of the level. RPGS like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy are two of the most widely video recorded games on the market.

These 2 videos are the new trend on gaming club videos, they new hot thing is to make reviews of the games.

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